Missing Children…

As I sit here browsing the news at local6.com, orlandosentinel.com, and wftv.com I find myself sad… I do understand why one child makes the “news” and another doesn’t… at the same time I don’t. One child is just as important as the other and maybe, just perhaps, if we gave every single child national attention as it goes missing, we might end up with better results in finding the child.

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I think that the moment a child goes missing, is reported missing to the local authorities, a fax should be prepared or an email or something and it should hit the wire immediately. All news stations nationwide should have this information and it should hit the air immediately. I wouldn’t be bothered if instead of one commercial, I saw an ad for a missing child. How many commercials do they air a day? Is it more important for me to see an erectile dysfunction commercial than it is to see a child is missing? I don’t think so.

If every commercial break flashed a missing child card for even two full seconds, this could open eyes nationwide to the seriousness of keeping an eye on your child, watching for other kids that are missing, we have this great tool (the television) that is not being used properly. I’d say it goes to show that money is more important than children in the national scope of things… as always.

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