Ground Beef

I was in my thirty’s before I learned my mother’s secret to ground beef. It’s a very simple secret that makes perfect sense once you think about it.

Whenever I would cook for myself, I’d brown the beef and complete the meal. But there was always something missing. I blamed the meat supply!! Turns out, it was my mother’s cooking all along. When you ‘brown’ ground beef, there comes a point when it’s all brown and I used to think ‘done!’. Actually, it’s not ‘done!’ at all! Yes, it’s browned. But by allowing the meat to brown for another ten to fifteen minutes, you allow the flavors of the seasonings to cook all the way into the ground beef.

I eat steak medium rare.. so know  that this is not me being afraid of the meat being undercooked! Just try it one time, taste the difference and you might find yourself amazed!


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