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Caatje takes you on a journey through an art journal. It’s a process, a task, a joy, a way of thinking that involves the entire book. The styles do not have to be the same to get a good idea on what this is all about and pick up some great techniques or ideas to meld into your own! Caatje’s method is to decorate the entire book and then do the writing, this whole process has appeal because finding time daily to paint, smudge, decorate, glue, cut, etc is not always possible in my life!

View Easy Peasy Journal Tutorial Part One : Backgrounds Here

Part one leads you through a quick lesson on gesso and using an out of the ordinary book for journaling. You don’t have to spend a lot of money here folks!


View Easy Peasy Journal tutorial Part Two : Decorating Pages Here

Part two is a good example of less is more with magazine images and more.


View Easy Easy Journal Tutorial Part Three : Writing

Part three leads you through the point of it all for some and the bane of all that exists for others… the writing. Somedays no matter how long I stare at a piece of paper I have no words to write. Other days, my hands give out long before my thoughts do. But Caatje takes you on a learning curve.. it doesn’t have to be written just so so for it to be fun and funky!


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