Random Background Techniques

20130805-095134.jpgAfter cutting a square from a foam dinner plate, I scratched designs into it and tested it out.

20130805-095248.jpgA paper doily laid down to wait for decoration.

20130805-095625.jpgI am a big fan of not wasting paints. Whether they are my leftovers from projects or Kaitlynn’s after craft time, I never trash leftovers. Instead, I paint, smear, or stamp them onto blank pages for future backgrounds.

20130805-095904.jpgThe same goes for random pieces of leftovers.



20130805-100310.jpgMore wasted paint savings.

20130805-100417.jpgSeveral layers of tissue paper laid down.




20130805-100603.jpgScroll doodles with paint pen.

20130805-100841.jpgNapkin doodle at Applebee’s had to be saved.

20130805-100939.jpgNapkin collage from cheesy table napkins.

20130805-101210.jpg Seriously wasted paints gone wrong lol I just keep adding and hoping it reaches a point where I can like it!