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I have been involved with arts and crafts since I was a little girl. My mother was wise to introduce me to art and encourage it… To this day it is my therapist, my confidant, my companion, my savior..

Then I became a mom… And I introduce her to arts and crafts constantly.. Drawing is great, but so is painting, sculpting, sewing, building, etc etc. So I don’t stick to just one thing..

This week I realized there are many things to art that I know from my years of experience but I am not so great at teaching it.. Kaitlynn is not so great at taking art lessons from me serious either lol sooooo I began researching online lessons… While I found lots of free lessons, we completed one lesson from ThriveArt that almost has me sold on purchasing the beginner set.. It is pricey but the confidence boost it gave her in just one little lesson… Wow! See for yourself! She is so proud of herself!

I love this smile, this pride, this level of completion! If you look on the wall behind her you will see a flower she drew the day before the lesson.. See the impatience? She is always in a hurry… The antsy artist!

She is also very proud of my work haha! I did the lesson along side her and really really enjoyed it lol!

And because I see this on a lot of pages, I am not affiliated with ThriveArt or anyone else. I’m just thrilled with their lessons lol.

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