Journal : Our Hands

20140414-070428.jpgThis was a very long process. I finished it April 10th or so… I began in January!

Playing with Dylusions one day, I called Kaitlynn over to use our hands as a mask. They are reactive with water so I just KNEW we could wash it right off… WRONG.. we had red hands for a couple days lol. But it was so worth it! Kaitlynn enjoyed being part of the beginning process so much that I let her choose all of the doodle elements which is why one entire side is nothing but bubbles.. kind of fitting I guess because she is certainly bubbly!

I did realize one thing after… I should have sprayed our hands on the LEFT page and then closed the book for the smoosh. Our hands would have then been thumbs facing inwards lol. Ah well it was fun… it represents us very well overall.. She’s bubbly and uncomplicated… if a little intense at times lol. Me, on the other hand, I am more complicated and in depth.