Sketchbook : Multiples

November 6, 2014

IMG_5930.JPGToday, heat and all, I decided to bring us outside for math. Nothing like multiples of multiples.. After she finishes the multiplication, I thought it would be a fun treat to work on a zendala/mandala..
IMG_5929.JPGOf course, I had to play with one first to see if it’s truly relaxing or not! It is!

Just for kicks, here’s my other sketchbook works that I have on hand..
IMG_5931.JPGMy sketchbook project book..
IMG_5932.JPGMy 7×10 sketchbook for when everything else stresses me..

My absolutely ginormous 11×14 pad that I mainly use for sharpie doodles.. (And leftover paints) Less eye strain, less detail, just line work, just line fun! Like so..

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