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Adventures in Stamp Carving

Adventures In Stamp Carving @
A few weeks ago, I decided to give stamp carving a go since I was making Faux Midori Traveler’s Notebooks for all the girls in the family. I was so impressed with the one I made for Kaitlynn and myself, I decided they ALL needed one. But I wanted to stamp it with my ‘signature’ instead of actually writing my signature in it.. So I dived in and the above image was as close as I could get it… But it turned out I like the chunky messy look! It fits my messy art style!

I also needed (wanted) a chronodex stamp so that I didn’t have to trace them each week. Since I’m so new and raw at the whole stamp carving bit, they all came out chunky and messy… I still love the look!

Kaitlynn fell in love with the idea of carving your own rubber stamps. I taught her how to use the tool on a scrap of rubber and then let her go. She completed the three above in one night!

Today, I decided I needed to try my hand at a flower!

And a saucy chicken?!? Haha!

And I refuse to have waste! All those little corner slices that I cut off get random shapes carved into them. Now I can make a mandala from stamped images! Yay! So much fun… really… I love carving stamps although I have no use for the other ones lol. Oh well! Fun! That’s all that truly matters!

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