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Mandala Stencil Tool

I love making mandalas! I hate spending money! So instead I make my own tools whenever I can.. This one is awesome! 

I made a half circle stencil that has a center point, 5-10-20-30 degree marks.. The size is meaningless as long as the degrees are there and you use a long enough ruler lol.. 

I actually had the tools and supplies on hand because of my art journal stencil making plans.. Here’s how I did it.. 

Supplies : 

1. 12×12 Grafix clear .007 plastic sheets (pack of 25 on Amazon for $10)

2. Heat tool (I use a wood burning tool I got at michaels for $7 after using a 40% off coupon!)

3. Polar graph paper (free printable online at waterproof 

(Total cost $17 divided by 25 is $0.68 for each 12×12 sheet.. This used 1/4 of a sheet! I’ll pay $0.17 for a stencil anyday!)

After printing the graph out, I used my protractor to measure out the 5 degree marks as well. They probably aren’t needed for most but I like to use them for the center mark on the 10 degree slices.. So I added them in! 

I used a fine tip sharpie to make every mark on paper that I wanted on my stencil. It keeps me in line and I ended up going through two graphs to find the layout I liked best! 

After my marks were set, I lined up the plastic and taped it top and bottom, front and back. I wanted no slipping! 

Now using the fine burning tip for dots and such, I carefully touched each dot. Do practice on other plastic first to get a good feel for the tool. Holding it too long melts a bigger hole, not long enough doesn’t go all the way through.. And do make sure you let that tool heat up properly!

Here’s the printed paper with the plastic still on. The 5 degree outer ring is already burned. A close up of the burned holes!  After I was finished this is the result.. I use that center dot much like a protractor. I place my pencil there and spin the dots around.  The edge dots all line up so I know I am good to go!     Voila! Time for the ruler!   

Yes! I was too excited to take progress photos! 

Now this is where I tell you a trick or two.. 

1. Do not keep making your holes if your hand is shaking! Precision is kinda important! 

2. Do not get so excited you speed through making lines and THEN realize you missed a dot or two! Or were just off a little! This messes with the angles :/

Overall I am thrilled with my quickie tool so I can keep it in my Fauxdori! I need to make another for my sketchbook! 

Next I will show you the art journal stencils I made for myself! 

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