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Sketchbook : Random Lotus Doodle

Sketchbook : Random Lotus Doodle @

This is just a random lotus doodle that I did while watching TV. I wanted to use it to point out something that’s pretty important to me. My style. I can and do occasionally complete a piece that has straight clean lines. But they feel so intense! These doodles (mandala or otherwise) that have the sketchy lines make me feel so… loose and free.. comfortable.. no rules.. go with the flow..  happy!

I will admit (without shame) that I generally have a shake in my hand when I’m drawing. I don’t know if it’s nerves, or that inner pressure on myself to do it just right… I decided a long while back to utilize that shake.  I leave it there, I add to it, I go back over straight pretty lines and add that multiple sketchy line look on purpose! The style is me, it’s how I roll.. It is also something you could probably learn from…. You do not have to be perfect! You only have to please yourself… and if you aren’t happy then work with yourself until you find a style that suits you.. no one else..


Happy doodling!

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