DIY Mandala Embroidery Tutorials

I have a love for mandalas that just seems to know no ends. They are fun to draw, mesmerizing to look at, and honestly no matter how simple or complicated the design they truly spruce up any space they are in. I’ve gathered a few tutorials here from a few fabulous ladies that have taken their mandalas to the next level, from ink to thread and beyond. I can’t wait to get started on my own.

#1.  SewSweetStitches : DIY Embroidered Mandala Tutorial 

DIY Mandala Embroidery - kitskorner - SewSweetStitches

Melissa really out does herself on this tutorial. The texture and color just go so well together! It has me wanting to run get some felt and get started right now!

#2.  MagaMerlina : Embroidered Mini Mandala Tutorial

Embroidered Mini Mandala Tutorial

Maria takes you step by step through making an adorable mini mandala on felt! These are so sweet and cute! If you haven’t heard of her or seen her work, you’ve probably been living in a cave somewhere so welcome out! Now that you’re out.. do go look at her work. She is amazing!

#3.  Shiny Happy World : Zen Stitching – How To Embroider A Mandala With No Pattern

Zen Stitching Embroidery Mandala - Shiny Happy World

Wendi takes you down a bit of a different path here. By layering the fabrics, it creates different depths within the mandala! I love it! I can also see loads of room for detail to be added in on this base as well.. hmmmm… fun fun..

#4.  Suppose Create Delight – Mandala Embroidery Pattern on Towels

Suppose Create Delight - Mandala Embroidery Pattern

SupposeCreateDelight is a little quilt shop in Idaho and they lead you through turning a plain towel into a mandala work of art to keep in your kitchen and inspire you through each cooking session.

I hope you enjoyed the tutorials and I hope they inspire you further! Any of my free coloring images may be used for embroidery patterns as well! Good luck and happy stitching!


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