30 Calorie Ranch Dressing (Yes Please!)

30 Calorie Ranch @ kitskorner.com

photo source : skinnykitchen.com

If you’ve ever spent 5 minutes on a diet, you know the first thing you miss is dressing and usually that’s ranch dressing. It’s so fat-calorie-everything loaded that you just have to find a way to cut it out entirely. If you’re human, you can not cut dressings out of your diet forever.  Eventually, you will start looking for ways to cut it back in. IE : give up something more nutritious just to have dressing.

It’s tough. It’s small things that make dieting or life changing healthy eating habits so hard to make. Who can sustain healthy eating when you are surrounded by the scrumptious goodness of dressings? WELL, thanks to people like Nancy over at SkinnyKitchen.Com now we all can survive!

I stumbled onto this ranch dressing and at 30 calories per 2 tablespoons (that’s not a typo), I had to give it a go! Stunning! Wow! I took it to my mom’s house and made my family try it out! Like any great daughter, I made her a batch of it as well. Today I made up a batch of the Skinny Thousand Island and although it’s good, I think I’ll wait to post my tweaks to it because we need to tweak that one to our tastes!

Do take the time to go on over and read this 3 ingredient recipe! Be warned, the texture of the dressing is different. It is not oily, so when you pour it on your salad and mix it up there’s almost a bit of a watery effect. It did not hurt our salads or our feelings at all because we got to have salads with ranch! Yay!

Thank you Nancy!


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