Show Your Stuff Campaign

Show Your Stuff Campaign @

Have artwork elsewhere and want me to share it with my Pinterest followers even though you aren’t on Pinterest?¬†Email me at!

About This Project

We all have artwork that deserves to be seen. Sometimes there are thousands of images that I see weekly over and over. I would like to see some fresh images! I want to see your work. Your work inspires me and spurs my brain into action when I least expect it! I want your artwork to do the same for others! Let me help you get seen by thousands of other people! Show Your Stuff!

There are no catches, no gimmicks, no sign ups, no double back flip cartwheels that need to be done. I just want to help share your work! I am a homeschooling work at home mom so it may not happen INSTANTLY, but I will get to your pins and I will get you shared!

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