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Art Tools

Mandala Stencil Tool

I love making mandalas! I hate spending money! So instead I make my own tools whenever I can.. This one is awesome!  I made a half circle stencil that has a center point, 5-10-20-30 degree marks.. The size is meaningless as long as the degrees are there and you use

Art Journaling, Art Techniques

DIY Silhouette Tutorial

Andrea over at SnappingMonsters.Blogspot.Com is a wonderful artist who shares her techniques and ideas in tutorials. Her work has been featured in Cloth, Paper, Scissors; Stamper’s Sampler; and several Somerset Studio editions. Her tutorials are easy to follow and loaded with helpful photos. The DIY Silhouette Tutorial will lead you

Art Tools

Acrylic Color Spray Tutorial

Crystal over at IslandGirlStudios has two very helpful tutorials on how to make your own color sprays for CHEAP! Inks and sprays can run into some big money at any of the craft stores. But using these color spray tutorials will allow you to make your own on a budget!

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