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My Projects

This Week’s Projects

I saw on Pinterest, I believe, a doodled calendar. It seems a brilliant idea to push the ‘doodle a day’ theory. I need to, but life gets in the way. Sometimes, I can doodle daily but it’s a large piece so I don’t FEEL I’ve doodled daily lol So for

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ZIA Doodles (Day 4)

I thought I’d share a ZIA doodle today that’s in my small smash book. I bought it originally for a smash album but it’s turned into a doodle fest from the covers in. Because it’s lazy sunday, I’m going to apologize and end with that little share! Its time to

My Projects

Vintage Lace Dress

A great pattern I found at UrbanThreads.Com! This vintage lace dress is so delicate that I had to grunge it up… there’s rust stains on the fabric as well as the grungy cardboard behind it and dirty flowers. All stitched by hand, this piece took about 17 hours to finish.

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