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A Day Late And A Dollar Short

I completely forgot to post yesterday! The first time all month that I forgot. My only excuse is that yesterday was our first day back to lessons after the holiday and it was rough.. I mean R-O-U-G-H rough!

Kaitlynn is a great kid, she has an amazing ability to soak up information like a sponge. She’s funny and so full of energy and life that I sometimes get exhausted just listening to her play. She’s also a child. She practices the old adage ‘give an inch, take a mile’ like it’s her goal in life to see how far she can stretch that inch. Every time I give her an ‘easy’ day, the next day is hard because she wants another easy day.. ‘Well we had one YESTERDAY..’ sigh.. Every time we have a holiday or weekend.. ‘Well we didn’t do lessons YESTERDAY..’ sigh.. It’s not just a single comment to start the day either.. She’s a repeater! So after trying three or four ways to get out of it (I’m frustrated by this point).. then during lessons after every problem or so it’s a whine and an argument as to why she shouldn’t have to because ………………………………… we didn’t yesterday………………………… lol

So.. now that you understand my child, you can maybe get an idea of what yesterday was like. Writing spelling words, every word ended with a form of argument… or she just quit and sat there.. She argued with anything and everything I said.. She shoved a paper at me and rolled her eyes.. (I nearly lost it there!) You name it .. it happened.

By the end of the day, I had a headache the size of the entire DFW area.. I was so stressed out and miserable from the day we’d gone through that I completely forgot about posting. I was more focused on how to handle these situations. I know that I don’t handle them well, but after a recent conversation with my mom.. I think I handle them as best as can be done. I know I get too frustrated with her, I know she’s only six.. but some things are getting ridiculous. It’s always the same issue. Not minding, arguing, and/or talking back. Same things!! I would like to say that I’m the great mom that doesn’t lose her cool and never yells, but that wouldn’t be true. I get angry, I yell, sometimes I bang my hand on the table (this is me finding a quick outlet to avoid smacking her lol ahem seriously!), sometimes I go outside and pace, and sometimes I go outside to cry.

I know there has to be a solution to this with her.. today I’m going to try something new.. something my mom did with me and it worked for her.. Before lessons, during lunch, and after lessons we are going to have a Round Table moment. When I was a kid it was a time when we brought all of our frustrations to the table and were free to discuss them without fear of being in trouble. I have discussions with Kaitlynn alot.. but maybe I lecture more than I listen? So we’ll see what happens. If I survive today, I’ll let you know!

On the flip side, I’m so freakin disappointed with myself for forgetting to post yesterday. :(


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