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Free Basic Tag Shapes are not hard to come by. You can download them most anywhere. I have had issues with tag freebies in the past. Generally speaking any freebie is a good freebie… but they aren’t all suited to everyone’s use. Mine may not fit your needs either! I’m okay with that. I decided to make my own to use that way I had no one but myself to blame for imperfections haha. I’m sharing them here with you. Each shape has three styles so that it may be used differently. Below I’m including 3 sample tags so that you can see how well the shapes worked when used as a mask in gimp. Did I mention that the samples are also freebies? Feel free to download them as well, since I only made a few quick tags for samples.

Be sure and click on the image and then look through the gallery at each of these three samples. You will see that any oddity you see on this page in the edges is just the way the website constrains the image down to size. They have nice clean edges.

Once you have a mask applied to your paper of choice, you’re ready to add shadows and use these tags in any way you like. Remember, all of my freebies are available for commercial use. You MAY use them to make other sets, items for sale, or for personal use, or scrap for hire, or you name it.

Each of the images below is at 300 ppi and it is a large image at approximately 1000px. This should allow you plenty of space to size them down to the size you need without losing shape. (Resizing is another problem I’ve had in the past.) Like my freebies?


To download the png files, simply right click on the image you’d like and save image as… All images have a transparent background.

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All images offered for free or that I sell can now be used commercially,
if usage remains under 100 copies.
See the full Freebie Standard Licence Agreement here.
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