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Cruisin On A Saturday (Day 3)

When we set out this morning, it was already raining. This isn’t anything new for Washington state but WOW is it hard to deal with for us from Oklahoma!

We went and picked up Toby and headed to the mountains. This entire area is just an amazing example of iconic mountain landscapes.. no matter which direction we drive, the heart stopping views are there. I’m not a photographer, but I do enjoy taking photos that will end up in our digital frame to remind us of the places we’ve been.


This waterfall is one of many that you’ll see along Hwy 20 as you travel into the North Cascades National Park. There’s apparently always water falling off of the mountain either due to rain, snow melt, or what have you.


The Skagit River is beautiful in many many ways and in some places more amazing than others. Today, I was stunned to see it so angry! I know we’ve gotten a lot of rain over the last month and the run off is filling rivers to the brim, but I can’t believe how hard this area was rushing and beating up the rocks surrounding the area. Because all of my photos are done with my iPhone, it’s impossible to achieve clarity in some photos!


Something else we don’t see in such quantities is moss covered rocks. Toby was quick to point out that it doesn’t even look real as you’re sitting there staring at it. You know you are there, you know you are seeing it, but it’s still surreal.


My memory fails me on this dam. There are several up there and I’m kind of thinking it’s the Ross dam. Either way, we decided on a whim to go down to the Environmental Learning Center because Kaitlynn needed to go potty. O M G I’m glad we did. We actually drove across this dam! If you look from the silver poles at the top of the dam straight across the photo, you can see the road we  came in on.

And I have no shame, I took many photos of the same area trying desperately to get some more clear than others!

These past eight photos were all taken from the Ross Dam Overlook area. This is where I finally learned the secret to my blue-green waters!! According to one of the signs, as glaciers carved their path the rock on rock action created a fine silt that was deposited into the waters. The ‘rock flour’ is suspended in the waters and the reaction with the light creates a blue-green effect. This effect isn’t easily seen these days with the cloudy weather and raining into the water. But when the sun is shining, the skies are clear, and you’re driving through the area you will catch glimpses of the most beautiful color in the water! Our  first trip up left me with my nose pressed to the window in breathless awe, always hoping to see it just once more. I was sorely disappointed to not get to see it today!

One last stop on the way back down the mountain, there’s something about waterfalls that fascinate Mark and I both.

This is our buddy Toby! Kaitlynn was heartbroken when he didn’t sit in the back with her and happy as a lamb when he did. She was taking photos!

I managed to cheer her up when I got back there instead by singing and dancing with her lol.

After hours of driving, we still found the energy to come back to the trailer and cook dinner. Steaks, baked potatoes, green beans, and salads completely hit the spot! Then the boys decided we really did have time and energy enough to meet the rest of the gang for Saturday night bowling lol. And again, here I sit happily watching them bowl and taking care of mama stuff. I HAD to come write this post because of NaBloPoMo, but now that I’m done.. I’m shutting the computer down and taking it back to the truck to avoid even WANTING to be on it. Instead, I’m going to pull out the pen and paper and work on an idea I’m having for paper decorations for Christmas in the trailer!

This year, we won’t be traveling home so I’ve really got to find some easy and light weight decorations to make before hand. I love Christmas and I want my space to feel like Christmas and home when I’m finished, even if it’s not!

How was your Saturday?

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