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Easy Chicken And Dumplings


I thought I would quickly share how I make an easy pot of chicken and dumplings. I do not have a photo to share because when I cook I never remember to take photos anymore!


1 pkg boneless chicken thighs (I hate to de-bone so there ya go!)
2 cans of jumbo buttermilk biscuits
1 large can/box of Swanson’s chicken broth
2-3 tablespoons of flour

That’s it..  The rest is the method! Such a cheap but hearty meal!


In a large pan, boil your chicken thighs until the meat is falling apart. Season with salt, garlic, and of course Greek Seasoning (if you’re as addicted to it as me). Sometimes I throw in a handful of basil. Pull the chicken out of the broth and tear it to pieces.

IMPORTANT: If you are using chicken with the bones in it, when you pull the chicken out of the water be sure to use a strainer and make sure there are no little bones or pieces that are left in the water. I have a spoon with tiny holes that I use for this if I’m forced to use bone in chicken.

If the water level is still about one inch to two inches from the top of the pan, then you won’t need to add the chicken broth. But I usually have to. I let the boiled broth and the Swanson’s come to a boil while I tear my chicken to pieces. Add the torn chicken back into the water. This is the point where I check my seasoning. I prefer it to taste just a tad TOO seasoned. After you add everything else and it cooks down, the seasoning will mellow out.

In a paper plate, I scoop approximately 2-3 tablespoons of flour. Opening one can at a time, I lay the biscuit onto the flour and cut it into three strips. The two outer strips I dice into 3 pieces each and the center into 4 equal pieces. Scoop them up and shake off the flour before dropping them directly into the rolling boil. Drop carefully and one at a time.

Does that part matter? I have no idea! This is my fun time lol. Be careful of splashing boiling water though, it does hurt!

As you add biscuit dumplings, they will float on the top for a while. Stir often as you add them, folding them down into the water and refreshing that top layer often. After they are all added, I stir every few minutes to keep the dumplings going under and cooking. As they cook more fully they will no longer float. You will need to watch the bottom of the pan to make sure nothing stays on bottom too long, because it will scorch!

I cook mine until the sauce is thick and the dumplings are done. How do you know they are done? Cut one open… they have a darker inner color when they are finished. I’ve done it so long that I can tell by looking at the outside though.

Hope you have fun!


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