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When Kaitlynn was first born, I decided quickly that under no circumstances would I put her into Antlers schools. That meant either Rattan or homeschool. I decided homeschool.

Over the next couple of years, I began to doubt my ability to homeschool and whether it was fair to her to miss out on all of those lovely little things that come along with school… prom, boyfriends, best friends, lockers, recess, etc. So I waffled until we met Mark. Once I met Mark, I realized that in order for us to BE a family all the time I would have to homeschool again. So here we are. We are in our second year of homeschool (first grade for her).

She is remarkably smart and terribly precocious. She was talking at 5 months and I’ve not had a quiet moment since. She was holding her pencil correctly and writing by 1 1/2. She keeps me on my toes any given day of the week!

She’s five now, six in October, and we have days that I’m certain will kill me. She thinks if she doesn’t do what I want her to, I’ll give up and do it myself. Something I’m sure I’ve taught her along the way by taking over in other areas just to get her out of my hair. She is never fully out of my hair though, she has to be in the very center of everything.  She’s also very high maintenance and demands a LOT of attention… something that I’m certain I’m not equipped to deal with about 98% of the time..

But through all of this, we somehow muddle through.. I get grouchy and we fall apart.. She goes into time-out and I want to cry.. She gets her act back together and we start all over again.. It’s worth it to see her playing and having fun, learning and having fun, growing and again, having fun.. It makes it worth it eventually.

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