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Fun In The Sun (Day 8)

This morning I was so relieved to see that clear sky and the sun behind the trees. That meant my kiddo would get some much needed sun today and I might get some much needed quiet.

She got sun, I didn’t get quiet! Not sure that evens out lol but she has had fun.

We went out and played catch for a bit. I realized it would be fun to try and catch her with the ball mid air. It takes a LOT of effort to do anything fun with a cell phone camera. But I was game to try!

I was happy and impressed that I caught a couple of action shots that were almost clear!

And then of course I just needed one for the books. She’s always pretty happy to stand around for a photo op.

This Washington trip has turned into many many cloudy and rainy days. We don’t see the sun often and not for very long at a time. It’s certainly a huge change from Oklahoma. I do miss home and some days are harder than others. It seems like the more I miss home, the less heart I have for writing or anything else. I want to see my mom and sister.. I want to go visit our kids in Houston and hug my grandbabies! I want to stand in the doorway of our house and be stunned at how much improvement we made during the remodel last summer. I won’t even complain that there isn’t a couch yet! I’d happily sit on the brick hearth and just be happy to be there!

I need to inspire myself enough to get up and cook dinner lol. Chicken Alfredo sound good to anyone? It does to me!

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