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Halloween Hangover

Halloween activities : Frankenweenie & Trick or Treating Downtown Anacortes, WA

No, I did not overdose on candy yesterday… Although I came close to begging for it from a few of those awesomely chocolately buckets people were offering to my kid! I did overdose on walking tho! It’s amazing how far we walked in such a short distance.. in and out of shops all up and down the streets, making circles around the other kids, stepping into line only to be pushed backwards by PARENTS pulling their kids to the front of the line as if they are the only kids there… There was plenty of candy to go around people!

Halloween in Anacortes, WA was beautiful and a lot of fun overall. Last year we were in Concord, CA, we did the downtown trick or treating in Vallejo and then the mall halloween night. It was okay but not something I’ll miss (ever). This year though set the bar a lot higher! The people (overall) were warm and welcoming, they were friendly and knew how to talk to kids, they were funny and knew how to include the parents, they weren’t pushy and rude, and dammit I was really happy!

No matter where we go, we always run into the parents who are stupid and teach their kids to shove their way to the head of the pack no matter who’s little toes they step on… I pride myself on teaching my child politeness and unselfishness in those moments.. So I guess I’m glad for their crappy behavior because it proves to my kid that being rude is a bad thing when she gets to experience it first hand. This year I am proud to say those moments were few and far between!

I am still feeling the effects of yesterday’s activities, however, and honestly would just love to go take a nap! But we homeschool, I do not let those responsibilities slide very far very often. Today, we’ve completed our spelling words and are working on addition facts. I’m honestly thinking it would be okay for a light day? We did extra on Tuesday!



She took her mask off to watch Frankenweenie! It was really a strange movie (but of course! it’s a Tim Burton film) and if she wasn’t so into zombies and vampires and the like it might not have been age appropriate lol oops! But she loved it!

Super impressed that the days results brought us a bucket of candy like we used to get when we were kids! Loaded!!

Lil snazzy lip toy that makes NOISE! Yay people!! Give my kid a new noisemaker!! Woohoo!! Yippeeee!!

This was actually first pic of the day.. I could rearrange them all but who has the energy? She designed her own lil catwoman (not bat girl, not cat girl, cat WOMAN she pointed out to anyone who said it wrong) costume.. chose each piece carefully and left me totally amused because of the bigtime rush tshirt.. apparently catwoman is a huge fan! The boots were a last minute switch though due to rain!

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