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I Got Pranked :/

I think what’s worse than getting pranked, is getting accidentally pranked. I mean, I don’t even have anyone to be mad at!

I’m a skeptic by nature.. always have been. I watch these posts come up on Facebook or other social media outlets and my first thought is ……. whatever. So I look it up (Snopes.Com rocks!). Usually, it’s a prank. I don’t care if it’s misinformation or a lie … it’s a prank. It’s someone’s sick idea of a haha moment..

I can’t honestly see me sitting around with an evil giggle or otherwise going ‘oh yeah, let’s post this about this dying kid as a joke haha hehe’… Really? No. Okay, so now ‘let’s add share this and Verizon (or some other mega-giant company) will donate money to this poor dying kid for every time you hit like or share or send or forward haha.. hehe..’ No! But yes, people do this shit. A LOT.

It’s everywhere! This is what our oh so precious time is wasted on. Instead of praying for someone who truly needs it, we’re praying for a child that is no longer living, healed and fine, or the photo was faked all the way around. Is this funny to anyone else? I’m not laughing. I’m not even slightly amused today. I’m disgusted with the world in general for following this crap, for hitting share without fact checking first, for the mega idiots out there who START this BS.  Stop letting people take advantage of your good heart!

That being said.. I never think that praying or chanting or meditating or passing good vibes or any kind of positive energy is a bad idea or a true waste of time. But come on, you see my point here.. right? RIGHT?

Now that I’ve had my rant moment… let me tell you about my day…………………….

I was standing outside smoking (yes I’m a smoker, get over it).. I usually take my phone and browse quickly through facebook and twitter because when I come back inside I have lessons and dinner and graphics to deal with. This is also a really good way to keep from getting distracted from my goals of the day by keeping my social networking limited to outdoors time. I digress. I was standing there, scrolling through facebook. Giggle here, chuckle there… outright laughter there (usually @ Donna M. – funniest chick I’ve ever met)… and then there’s a video. The screen shot shows a cow laying on its side. I usually avoid videos, but I decided to live dangerously today. I clicked play.. watched a lady get kicked in the face and I didn’t find it funny. It made my nose hurt lol physically.. yes.. and no I don’t like the illusive pains I receive just from watching someone else get hurt.. so I like to avoid these videos on purpose.

But, like any good fool, I scrolled a bit further and saw yet another video. (Here’s the link and youtube has a disclaimer up, but on facebook there’s no title other than Exhibit B-5 or a disclaimer) This one was a prank video.. and I have to admit I do find these funny.. or did. I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to watch another one. As this one’s peak moment, I ended up half bent and gagging as I held myself up against the trailer. I was struggling not to cry, just sick. So horrible.

The video is that well loved and well played ‘hide in a mask, jump out and scare someone’ trick. Only this young girl screams and runs, through the kitchen, out the door, down the stairs, through the driveway, and right into the street… into the path of an oncoming car. I must give the filmmaker credit because it’s amazingly realistic. I was fooled. I was pranked. I believed. I nearly vomited. Instantly, I thought of all the times that very prank has been done to someone and how crazy something like that is to do when the outcome could be so drastic… and this girl’s mama… oh my I was about to faint. Her poor mama now has to watch it get tossed around the social media sites like it’s funny to watch. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh those moments… I was dying too..

And then after about 30 minutes had passed and I was STILL sick to my stomach, I decided to research it.. It’s fake. I was so angry and so relieved and still am. Both.. I’m also still sick to my stomach and feel like I’ve had the worst news and I can’t shake that sick feeling.



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