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So I don’t have photos on the iPad, but I thought I could look anyhow and this is one that Kaitlynn remade and plays with ALOT according to the photo album lol. This was their very first photo together.

Today, I made a lot of moms and kids angry! Apparently, the moms didn’t care that their kids crawled around on their hands and knees in another kid’s piss so long as the kids are off playing and they don’t have to deal with them! I was stunned and highly amused!

I did let management know a kid left a puddle in the play structure, because my child was adult enough to let me know.. Of course, the guilty little boy then tried to talk to Kaitlynn and she thought he was gross so she refused to play with him. He got mad and cried and told HIS mom that K was mean.. His mom was hot on Kaitlynn’s heels as Kaitlynn came to me, but she hung back and listened to us talk..Kaitlynn was a little spooked by the woman and didnt understand why the woman was asking all of the other kids if she had been mean to the boy. I told Kaitlynn (in front of the woman) that I was so proud of her for coming to me and telling me about the pee and that I didn’t blame her at ALL for not wanting to play with a kid that pees in the play area cuz that’s just gross!

And then (with a well placed pointed look) I informed Kaitlynn that if any mom had an issue with her she could tell them where I was and lead them to me.

If my child acts up, I promise you I will discipline her way worse than your snippy attitude towards a child will do. If I sat by and ignored her behavior, then you should step in and get her! But I’m capable and I do take care of my own. Unless she is in the right, then I will NOT punish her. Period. Never again(hopefully)!

There was a time recently when I stood by silently and allowed my child to take the fall for things she was not guilty of. I was stunned when I realized what was happening. The other child was one of those that would pull stunts silently, while mine would yell in retaliation because she’s vocal by nature. Mine was always in trouble, always getting the blame because she was seemingly the one starting it.

This went on for a few weeks before I snapped. I not only became aware of it, I flipped out a little lol. My child has flaws, she can be a pain in the ass lol. But she’s not THAT bad. The whole situation was horrible and it has taken months to repair the damage done to Kaitlynn.. This was my fault. I am her mother, her protector, I failed horribly. I vowed then and now that it will never happen again and at the first sign, I will take my child and go far far away.

I went through something similar as a child and I will never forget how that felt. I will cut anyone out of our lives that hurts my baby.

Now that I’ve fumed, I’m going to bed lol.

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