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Our Day In Photos Part 2 (Day 11)

Yesterday, I ran out of time and energy to finish sharing photos from Saturday’s adventure. Today, I am stopping again because the rest are from Winthrop and it was such an interesting place it deserves its own page. So tomorrow you will get another photo heavy post. But for now, here’s the rest of our journey towards Winthrop!

Just like a child, I kept gasping with delight! It looked just like Christmas! (Or like Christmas SHOULD!) All of those lovely trees touched with snow, it just begged for me to run out into them giggling with delight!

The entire trip was one breathtaking view after another, and while I wanted to stop for each curve… if we had, we never would have arrived or made it home lol.

A crazy little snow covered road we found.

Turns out it was Washington Pass Overlook, elevation 5477!

A silly picture that I almost didn’t share. But if you look around the edges of the snow, you can actually SEE how large the flakes are. This was the most amazing snow I’ve ever had the pleasure of playing in. It was ‘dry’ and light and airy! You could pick up a handful and shake it free from your fingers as though it was dry sand. I was so amazed!

Unfortunately for you all, the sun was in the worst possible position. I did think about stopping on the way back, until we continued on the path and ended up going on some very steep and slippery slopes! I’m not crazy enough to brave it twice!

I even tried focusing on the sky in order to get a better shot… no hope!

Every direction that you turned from the top of the overlook, there was yet another view full of peaks and valleys… such awe inspiring beauty!

This rock was the farthest point out where we were standing… I found myself standing at the rail ready to throw my hands out Titantic style and scream ‘I’m the queen of the world!!!’ (which of course made me think of my mama, and I was very content standing there with my family thinking of those nearest and dearest!)

More views from the top.

My honey sporting his fringe covered leather jacket and waiting on Tater to get up there for a photo!

She was freezing and ran straight to him to get inside that jacket lol. So instead of regular poses, I get this beautiful hug and two smiles to boot!

Walking out, I stopped to wait on Mark to come back up a slippery slope to guide me down too (my bad knee is better but we protect it at all costs lol) and this was my view while I waited.. priceless!

After guiding me down one slope, he scooped Tater up to carry her down because she was so cold. I, of course, (good mama that I am) got tickled and asked them to turn back towards me so I could get a snapshot of her misery! It was the most pitiful look I’ve seen on her face in a long long time, but it was amusing because she was so excited to get into the snow to begin with!

As we entered the opposite end of the parking lot from where we entered, there was this sunken edge of ice. I have no idea how things like this happen since there wasn’t water beneath it. But I was amazed at the thickness of the ice!

So for scale, I had Mark hold a piece up. He totally has man hands too! It’s incredibly thick ice to us Okies!

After Mark carried her for a while, wrapped up in that warm jacket, she managed to find her smile again. She was so stinkin happy!

This was actually the road out. But she and I both headed towards it with glee! Snowy roads never look like this at home for more than a few minutes.. they get all muddy and icky!

Globs of snow! The white was too bright for my camera to handle, but man it made my heart happy and I don’t want to forget these moments even if they came out a tad blurry.

Going into the switchback that was visible from the lookout on the photos above.

The jaw dropping part of these experiences for me is this moment. In the middle of the photo, there’s a cliff. It’s all trees and then a rock bluff sticking out of it. See it? It has a stripe of white in the middle of it. That strip of white is where I was standing! It’s that tip of the rock that made me feel like the queen of the world. So far away! So high up!

Just above the curve in the road here, is avalanche area. The whole trip was in a series of avalanche zones. We seen a lot of areas that the damage to the landscape is very visible from past avalanches.

And then we found the largest icicles I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting! They were HUGE! Two, three, four feet long! You name it! They ranged!

A view of the hillside. Those amazing icicles!

And then just like that, we were back out of the snow! With the view in front of the truck looking like this, I had no problem saying goodbye to the snow for now!

Don’t forget to watch for tomorrow’s post on Winthrop, WA!

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