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Sneak Preview! (Day 13)

Sneak Preview On KitsKorner.Com

Oh the goodies to come!! The above is all the preview you’re going to get of all the fantabulous goodies I have coming in the next weeks. Yesterday, Taterbug was sick and we spent a lot of time on the couch. Today, she has been better but not as active as usual. I did get to do a lot of work this morning though. I reorganized and made lists (that’s enough to make me happy for hours). I cleaned out my files and got them all ready to upload and/or post. I was amazed at what I found lol. Apparently, I’ve had days where I worked way harder than I realized and forgot I did it!

After making my list and checking it twice, I got a new post all ready to go up tomorrow on KitsKorner.Com! I’m so excited to get the new papers up too! Oh! Did I say papers? It’s not papers you’ll see tomorrow…. really… it isn’t… so that’s like two bits of information for you there! But papers will be  coming on another day!

23 Days And Counting!

In just 23 silly little days, my mama and step dad will be flying out to Washington to see us! I’ve known for a while and we discuss it when we can (Kaitlynn doesn’t know). But honestly, I think I keep pushing it to the back of my mind so that I don’t just sit down and cry. It’s really hard to see the laptop screen through tears, and this is my point.. I can’t REALLY think about what it means or I cry. She’s excited of course, but me.. I’m ready to cry with relief… I need a mama hug like you need oxygen to breathe!

I have spent time thinking of the places I should take them. La Conner, Deception Pass, Mt Baker, Coupeville, etc etc. But there’s one thing I want to do while they are here that to me is the most important. I want to take the last day they are here and stay home. Get in some quality sit around and chit chat time.. make dinner together.. and put up the Christmas Tree..

Because we won’t be going home for Christmas this year (it’s just way too expensive), I am hoping that I can start off Kaitlynn’s Christmas season by putting up the tree with nana.. In the time between now and then, I’m going to start doing some light crafts that we can use to decorate the house.. gotta decorate!! Gotta make it feel as close to home as possible! Gotta keep my babies happy!

I’m ready for Thanksgiving to go past so I can get started on Christmas without feeling guilty lol.

How soon do you start your Christmas decorations?

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