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I saw on Pinterest, I believe, a doodled calendar. It seems a brilliant idea to push the ‘doodle a day’ theory. I need to, but life gets in the way. Sometimes, I can doodle daily but it’s a large piece so I don’t FEEL I’ve doodled daily lol

So for $4, I picked up a 5x7ish planner. It’s small, I can carry it in the truck when traveling. I can avoid feeling overwhelmed by too much white space on any given day. I can use the journal section to keep track of projects I work on! No more wondering what I’ve accomplished this week!

So here’s a few projects I am working on this week:

A turquoise and orange sign to hang opposite this one that I made a couple weeks ago:

these shelves have a twin set on the other side of the front door.


This little jewelry box is old and broken. I got it free at a junk shop because it was broken. So I loose nothing if I can’t make it fabulous and mixed media like! The bottom is behind it.


A mixed media canvas in progress with a nautical theme for one of my grandbabies..

I never have just one project going lol. And I actually have a couple more come to think of it. Placemats, old film reels, embroidery, ah the list is never ending!! This is why I’m so slack in posting!

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