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Doodle Art : Antique Tangles

This began as an idea, a test, and then a gift for my daughter, Sara. She has a stressful job where I can’t go sit with her and beat away the stress. So the next best thing in my opinion was a way to bring her daddy and I into her workspace so that at a glance she can remember we are there… A place to look that is calming. Anyone can provide a photo, I wanted to go a step further.

The MAG is her daddy’s initials molded into his Brand. It’s not just a horse brand though, it was part of an ugly divorce. It has become a brand of survival and victory. It is a symbol that represents that evil can be overcame with love and faith. So I wanted that part of her daddy front and center. I surrounded and supported it with my doodles. My art work is my passion, my inner peace, and my daily calm.

Now it all blends together in a 5×7 frame to give her strength, calm, peace, and my support and love.

In the process, I made a couple of random sketches on watercolor paper to test the antiquing step before ruining the MAG sketch. Later I decided mom needed something similar so hers is included in these steps too.

Step 1 : The Sketches

Step 2 : Antiqued With Coffee

What I learned :

1. Coffee flows with gravity! Ok obvious but when paper gets wet it bends and you have to control the flow of coffee AS it dries. Unless you like harsh edges.
2. Take your time! Splotch coffee on and let it dry. Splotch again and dry. (I used a chipboard brush)
3. Regular brewed coffee takes many more layers! My recipe for coffee wash is 1/2-3/4 cup water with 1/2 cup grounds. Heat in microwave until near boiling and let cool. Pour into a filter into a bowl and let set to further strengthen coffee wash. I pulled the filter aside to use. This bowl is on day three!

Good luck! Enjoy!

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