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DIY Mandala Tutorials Part II (41 Videos)

One of the most popular mandala posts on this website is the DIY Mandala Tutorials that I shared with you all in February of 2015. As a result, I knew we needed more!

While those mandala tutorials are still amazing, there are also some other really great tutorials that are video based out there. Therefore, I’ve decided to put together this part II in order to show you some of those videos. I am including beginner AND advanced videos because no matter you’re skill level they can be helpful.

Beginner Mandala Tutorial Videos

1. Flowers Are Fun – Miraculous Mosquito : Website : Youtube

Firstly, so this was THE video that really got me interested. This video set my world on FIRE! Because of that excitement, I couldn’t wait to draw these lovely, amazing flowers that are built up with designs and petals of all sorts. Afterwards, I stumbled on to the term Mandala and it’s truly all the same thing!

2. How to Draw a Mandala – Boho Berry : Website : YouTube

This lesson is complete with compass, protractor, rulers, pens, pencils, and erasers. She leads you through the supplies and the steps extremely well.

3. How To: Draw Mandalas (For Beginners) – Alicia Thorpe : Website : YouTube

In this video, she lays out the framework for a mandala using a compass and protractor. Not everyone uses the pencil framework so do not feel like you HAVE to try this method.

4. Drawing a Mandala with 4 Elements + Shading – Barbara Din : Website : Youtube

This video leads you through building a mandala using only four elements. This is a wonderful challenge to break you out of a rut! It is also great to show beginners that it doesn’t take a multitude of design elements to build a fabulous mandala.

5. How To Draw Mandala (beginners guide) – the Art Geek : Website : Youtube

A fast paced video that leads you through the building of a mandala with no compass, ruler, or protractor.

6. How To Draw Mandala Art- the Art Geek : Website : Youtube

Another fast paced video.. it was one of the very first ones I watched and fell in love with!

7. DIY Mandala – Tiffany Lovering : Website : Youtube

Tiffany has a ton of great doodle videos so of course I had to include her in my top 10 mandala videos!

8. How To Grow A Mandala – ExpressingTheSelf : Website : Youtube

This video is so cool! Of course after watching it, I had to give it a go! The basis is very interesting and it forced me out of my comfort zone.. But man did I learn a lot!

9. Easy Mandala for Beginners – CreationsToInspire : Website : Youtube

Another easy to follow video that gives you all of the basics to drawing and growing your own mandalas.

10. How To Draw A Mandala Step By Step For Beginners (EASY) – Fantasvale Art Lab
11. Drawing A Mandala Freehand – Ann Marie Cheung : Website : Youtube

This video is a bit different from the others. You don’t draw shapes and petals that get decorated or filled in. Instead you make all of these little bitty shapes and designs turn into petals. If drawing petals seems overwhelming, this is definitely another way to give it a go.

12. 5 Methods for Patterned Mandalas – Cindy Angel : Website : Youtube

A handy thing to see… 5 different methods shown as to how to draw a mandala, how to get started, how to go with whats comfortable to you!

Advanced Mandala Tutorials

13. How To Set Up A Mandala Grid – My Art My World My Vision : Website : Youtube

A great bit of knowledge to get under your belt before beginning the advanced geometric designs.

14. How To Draw The Seed Of Life – My Art My World My Vision: Website : Youtube

Yes, same girl, same great helpfulness!

15. How To Draw Islamic Geometry – Lex Wilson : Website : Youtube

This 17 minute video is very detailed and is easy to follow along with.

*** The following mandala tutorials are all Dearing Wang of DearingDraws.Com from his youtube channel. I sincerely suggest you subscribe to his channel and just watch anything he puts out. His videos are amazing. This man is one of my favorites. He has a lot of videos that are worthy of watching whether you like to draw mandalas with tools or not. Just watching it all come together is mesmerizing and relaxing!

16. How To Draw Geometric Eye – Dearing Wang : Website : Youtube
17. Doppler Effect Mandala – Dearing Wang : Website : Youtube
18. 3 Fish In A Pond – Dearing Wang : Website : Youtube
19. Folding Golden Ration Spirals Around A Pentagram – Dearing Wang
20. How To Draw OctoCircles – Dearing Wang : Website : Youtube
21. How To Draw Pentagram within Pentagram Fractal Art – Dearing Wang : Website : Youtube
22. How To Draw The Cloudy Mandala – Dearing Wang : Website : Youtube
23. How To Draw Quadangle – Dearing Wang : Website : Youtube
24. How To Draw Fractals – Golden Ratio Star Pattern – Dearing Wang : Website : Youtube
25. How To Draw The 12 Star Spiral Rose – Dearing Wang : Website : Youtube
26. How To Draw Tesseract – Dearing Wang : Website : Youtube
27. How To Draw Islamic Star Patterns 6 Fold Pointy Stars – Dearing Wang : Website : Youtube
28. How To Draw Honeycomb Mandala – Dearing Wang : Website : Youtube
29. Rays From The Centre Mandala – Dearing Wang : Website : Youtube
30. Circles Become Mandala – Dearing Wang : Website : Youtube
31. Star Connections – Dearing Wang : Website : Youtube
32. 5 Circles In Harmony – Dearing Wang : Website : Youtube
33. Feeding Birds – Dearing Wang : Website : Youtube
34. How To Draw Islamic Art – 8 Phases of the Moon – Dearing Wang 4 part Series

8 Phases of the Moon #1 – Dearing Wang

8 Phases of the Moon #2 – Dearing Wang

8 Phases of the Moon #3 – Dearing Wang

8 Phases of the Moon #4 – Dearing Wang

35. How To Draw The Arq Mandala 4 Parts – Dearing Wang : Website : Youtube

Part 1 :

Part 2 :

Part 3 :

Draw The Arq Mandala in Timelapse :

So there are 41 mandala videos to keep you busy for a few hours! Drawing mandalas can be made as simple or as complicated as you wish. There are times that I work hard at the one I am drawing, and other times it has a more sketchy rough drawing feel to it. You do you and find the style that makes you happiest! I hope you found these mandala tutorials as helpful and as inspirational as I do!

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