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5 New Moleksine Limited Editions for $48!

What an amazing Valentine’s Day! My mom is a tax preparer and due to the nature and timing of her income, we’ve always celebrated Valentine’s Day a little differently. Every year she has bought us a larger gift instead of a larger gift during Christmas.

Due to my love for art supplies, journals, pens, and what not.. it’s not always easy or possible for my family to buy gifts for me that are art related because they don’t want to buy what I already have or what I’d never use. So, I get a budget and then get to buy what I want…. this means shopping sales! Yes please! I’m always down for that!

This is what I got for Valentine’s Day this year and the prices for each! I’m so proud of myself!

The Treasures

Don’t just pray, talk to God as a friend.

When it comes to my journaling time, I now spend time each morning writing prayers and then a daily scripture. I sometimes add journal entries separately but generally it’s included in my conversation with God.

Where I write, what book and with what pen does not affect the value of my time with God. A notebook that cost $1.00 is just as valuable as a $30 journal when it comes to God.

That being said, I love writing in special books. It makes me feel good, it makes my time with God feel good, and that is never a bad thing. So when I can find them on crazy sale, it REALLY makes for a great day!

Patience Is Key!

At the end of the day, patience is key. I adore these books, and I’d love to just run out and buy them as they become available but I won’t waste money like that. Not for me, not for our budget. I may spend money on my husband, but spending it on myself makes me feel guilty more often than not.

Journal on!!

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