About Me

My name is Sarah and I am a stay at home mom. I craft, I homeschool, I cook, I love, I laugh, I cry, and I live. I fight PCOS with a passion but I still carry extra weight and fight all of the symptoms. My family holds me up through the hormonal moments and all… my heroes! I did have a few art classes as a child and those skills have helped me to further my self discovery and self taught skills in the arts and crafts world. There isn’t anything I can not do, although there are a few crafts/techniques/medias I just haven’t tried yet.

Kaitlynn was born to me on October 18, 2006.  I was 31 at the time and completely convinced I’d never have children.  I had accepted that fact years ago.  I was extremely shocked and unbelievably happy to make it to term in that pregnancy.. and my reward is a beautiful little girl who just amazes me on a moment to moment basis.

In 2010, I was lucky enough to meet the man of my dreams.. the man all dreams are made of.. He’s a wonderful addition to our lives and he believes in me. It’s a very heady feeling! Although we were common-law married, we went ahead and did the official ceremony in July of 2015. Mark & I together have 4 children (Kaitlynn, Sara, Randy, Travis) and 10 grandkids (Hannah, Andrew, Alyssa, Brooklyn, Mason, Caroline, Journye, Dryden, Lyryx, & Emma). I’m realizing how few pictures we have of us as a group! We need more photos of us all together… although getting us altogether is harder and harder.  I own and run KitsKorner.Com and have since 1999. Over the years, it’s changed and grown into a place where I share my love of crafts, my own art work, digital products and projects as well.

Not pictured : Travis, Adrianna, Baby Emma, and Dryden.


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