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Various tools I use such as words, color meanings, websites that are useful, etc.


Color Meanings

Red – Strong love, Passion, Desire Dark Crimson – Inner Beauty, Soul Mates, a Connection Without Words Pink – Happiness, Tenderness, Best Friends and Sweethearts Orange – Enthusiasm, Energy Yellow – Freedom, Joy Green – Harmony, Healing, Finding Balance Blue – Faith, Spirituality, a Bond of the Spirit Purple –


Strong Words

Love Peace Enjoy Live Hope Imagine Believe Inspire Dream Laugh Delicious Bloom Courage Plant Enough Knowledge Genuine Serenity Start Finish Today Tomorrow Lucky Creative Calm Relax Soothe Rejuvenate Tranquil Serene Renew Refresh God Faith Strength Much Teach Angels Patience Gentleness Kindness Goodness Self-Control Spirit Touch Humor Sing Dance Wish Healthy

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