Digital Bullet Journal (DigiDori) Install Instructions

There are a few different ways to take your Bullet Journal digital. Some apps are more convenient than others based on your own preferences and tastes. While I only use GoodNotes for iOS, I know others find their comfort in other apps. So below, you will find a few links to how to get started digital bullet journaling, what apps/programs can be used, and links on how to install custom papers/templates. I hope you all find as much use from these as I did, and I hope my list of apps give you an idea on what all gets used by me for my bullet journal/mandala journal/digidori.

If all of this bullet journal stuff is foreign to you, then you might want to watch a video of Ryder Carrol (the creator) showing you the basics on getting started.

How to get started with a Digital Bullet Journal :

If you have any desire to go digital, these links should help you out.

My Digital Bullet Journal – LifeIsMessyAndBrilliant.Com
How I Write Digital Bullet Journal – Lucie @ journalsanctuary
Bullet Journal : From Paper To Digital – Frugal Guidance
How To Use Evernote as a Bullet Journal – MakeUseOf.Com
How To Create A Digital Bullet Journal With Evernote – TheInvisibleAuthor.Com
My Digital Bullet Journal – OneNote – Mary Plethora
How To Bullet Journal Using A Trello Board – Lauren Moon @ Trello

Apps/Programs To Use For Digital Bullet Journals with iOS/Apple :

GoodNotes 5 – Time Base Technology Limited
Notability – Ginger Labs
Evernote – Evernote
Microsoft OneNote – Microsoft Corporation
Penultimate – Evernote

Apps/Programs That I Use Specifically with iPad & iPencil:

This is a list of the apps that I specifically use. Every. Single. Day. I draw, I paint, I make. And then I journal. God Bless Apple!

Bullet Journal/Mandala Journal/DigiDori: GoodNotes 5
Hyperlink/Journal Building : Keynote
Research or Notes on the fly : Trello
Calligraphy Writing :INKredible
PC Screenshots : Skitch

Drawing/Painting/Creating Journal Designs & Mandalas:
Adobe Photoshop Sketch

Apps/Programs To Use For Digital Bullet Journals with Android:

* I have NO personal experience with the Android apps and all of these links are through Google Play. I’ve seen others say that they use these on Android and am simply offering you a starting point on apps to look into.

Microsoft OneNote
Minimalist Outliner

I know without a doubt that I have not managed to cover EVERY thing, but I do hope that this page gives you a good jumping off point. I want you to dive in, I want you to give going digital a go. You might be amazed! And if not, it’s so easy to pick up that battered leather covered traveler’s notebook and keep going. (Sometimes I miss the feel of that leather book :)