Terms Of Use


All products that I SELL (regardless if you received them as a gift, as a purchase, or in a giveaway) are meant to be used for personal use only. If you need to use them in any other way, please contact me and we can discuss it. They may not be sold, reproduced, or shared in any way. All of my products are copyright 1999-present kitskorner.com, all rights reserved.

Terms of Use for Freebies that I offer.

Terms Of Use

The above image is located within zipped packages that I offer in freebies. It’s pretty self explanatory. But I realized I was adding a ‘terms of use’ section to all of my pages and I think making it accessible here and linking back to it is the better option. I’m also going to give a few examples of acceptable use in hopes of answering all of the questions you might have about what’s okay and what isn’t.

The majority of the terms apply to people using the above items online or in a business setting. If you are printing them for personal use, print and enjoy!

1. Yes, you may use this item for commercial and/or personal use.

— This means : If you want to use it to make money, that’s fine. If you want to use it on a website that makes money, that’s fine. If you want to chop it up and only use one inch of it in a commercial project, that’s fine! So long as you link back. Any personal use is fine.
2. Yes, you may chop it up, change colors, edit, cut, paste, use it in overlay form, anything you wish so long as you follow the conditions.

— This means you can dissect it into one inch by one inch squares, recolor the image, resize the image, use half of it, anything at all so long as you link back.

3. Yes, you may print it out and use it in your projects at home/work/commercial or personal.

— This means you can use it in business  cards, flyers, brochures, letters, photos, anything at all. So long as you link back.

4. YES, you may make a kit around these very papers and include the papers with the kit SO LONG AS I get credit for the papers.

— This means you can use my papers to make a free or for purchase only scrapbooking kit, you can add my journal cards to your kits, you can add any of my images to any kits you like, so long as you give credit where credit is due. You may simply link back on your website by listing me as a graphic resource. Or you can add my information into your terms of use as a resource. I don’t care how you achieve it, but you must link back. It’s right, it’s proper, and it’s all I ask for in lieu of payment for my time put into the work.

5. NO, you may not claim it as your own.

— This is where people get confused. You can use my paper, you can add to it and create a whole new paper effect. Your image is your own, but you must list me as a graphic resource.  You can not, however, add it to your kit with no link back and claim it as your own. Nor can you recolor, resize, rename, rezip, repackage my products and give them away as freebies you made. See what I mean?

6.  NO, you may not remove the commercial use portion and do as you like.

— This is probably the most important to me. I’ve scoured the internet in search of images in the past and been unable to find scrapbooking papers or elements that I can use on my personal blog because I have ads. Technically, free for personal use does not include personal websites that have or use an ad company. Five cents is a profit and therefore ruins the personal use. (Technically). Also, using a personal use freebie to make/create new scrapbooking kits is technically unacceptable. Sooooooooo many stipulations and restrictions and rules. I’ve tried to remove all of that from mine. Use them! Love them! But of course, there are still questions. So here I am trying to address them all at once.

Because I feel that when we give away a freebie, it should be free to use anywhere, I’m setting mine so that you have to give your items away with the same conditions. I don’t care if you sell items or give them away, they must have the same conditions applied. YOU can waive the requirement that others link back to you (especially in a kit/set that you sell) but the people that buy your products must be free to use them in personal AND commercial products.

So let’s look at some examples, shall we?

1. You download a { set of journal cards, or papers, or patterns, any freebie of mine} to print for yourself. Only you love them, and print 10 sets for your friends as gifts (ACCEPTABLE!).

1a. You print 10 sets to sell in your shop and on the back of the tag in the smallest font size possible you mention kitskorner.com as a graphic resource. (ACCEPTABLE).

2.  You download a { set of journal cards, or papers, or patterns, any freebie of mine} to create a scrapbooking kit. You offer the digital scrapbooking kit on your website for free and you list me as a resource somewhere on your website (ACCEPTABLE!)

2a. You sell the digital kit online and you list me as a resource somewhere on your website or within the file offered to others (ACCEPTABLE!).

2b. You offer the scrapbooking kit to friends as a gift or sell in your shop and somewhere (even the back) of your tag is a tagline that says resource:kitskorner.com (ACCEPTABLE).

The most important thing to remember is that regardless of whether you give it away or sell it, the person you give it away to or sell it must be able to use it the same way. Share and share alike!

Get it?

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